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Frequently Asked Questions

How much do you charge per hour?

Well that’s a good question. However we do not offer hourly rates. When you contact the Nerd Force we will provide you with a range of flat rate prices for the solution to your problem. Whether it takes one of our Certified Nerds one hour, or twenty-four hours to fix your problem, the cost will remain the same.

What forms of payment does Nerd Force take?

We accept most major credit cards, checks, cash and Nerd Force Gift Cards.

How soon can a Certified Nerd be on site to fix my problem?

The Nerd Force business model is designed to provide the fastest response time possible to each of our clients. While we aim to provide same day service, client requests that are generated in the afternoon will sometimes be scheduled for the following business day. 24 hour emergency service is always available for an additional fee.

What do I need to know before I have a Certified Nerd visits my home?

A person at least 18 years of age must be present during the entire time period that services are provided. The Certified Nerd must receive: full access to the computer(s) and/or peripheral(s) to be serviced, access to your residence, your consent and cooperation to enter your residence, a safe working environment, working space and electrical power.

What if I need more then one Nerd?

While each of our clients has a “Dedicated Nerd”, all of our Nerds have the ability to bring in any number of other Certified Nerds to help complete a task.

Do you offer a warranty on your services and solutions?

Of course we do. All of our work is guaranteed. We follow up every service call with a survey to ensure that our clients are satisfied. We also offer a one month warranty on each of our solutions.

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