While the number of people using Yellow Pages and traditional forms of advertising such as newspapers, flyers, mailers, etc to find local merchandise is substantially decreasing, online users that use search engines to locate products/services in a certain geographic area are growing rapidly, as nowadays customers (nearly 90%) prefer to use the Internet as part of decision making process for local products and services. Online search engines have created their respective local business listing tools making it easy for small local businesses to promote their products/services and gain volumes of local customers. Local search optimization has therefore become one of the most popular techniques that help local business gain more visibility and as a result more customers.

Smartphones are an indispensable part of the daily lives of people!

With the expanded use of Smartphones, buyers these days find it easy to use their cell phones to look for local merchandise, as Google Maps now has 150 Million Mobile Users. By far Google Maps has shown to be the premier search engine with nearly 95% of the search results.

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What is local SEO?

Local SEO is a specific type of online marketing technique that can increase visibility for your businesses by ranking in the local algorithms, as well as ranking well in the organic results for geotargeted keywords.

An optimized Local SEO campaign can generate more leads for local businesses helping them:

  • appear in search results for Google, Yahoo! and Bing
  • show up on map searches of local businesses
  • become visible in business listings on mobile and GPS devices

How to perform Local SEO?

A large part of Local SEO involves three major steps:

  1. Packaging business information:
    Composition of all the necessary business info such as mission statement, contact information, branded logo, pictures, videos, coupons and etc
  2. Registration in online directories:
    Profile creation and submitting the packaged business information in major directories such as Google, Yahoo and Bing for listing
  3. Optimization of data:
    Feeding of fresh content to these directories on a regular basis to gain and retain high ranking

What is the cost savings with Local SEO?

We have learned that when it comes to offsite local SEO efforts, performing normal Local SEO can be quite time-consuming as you need to:

  • Stay abreast of changes at Google (4 hours)
  • Do initial composition & submission of data to Google/Yahoo/Bing (6 hours)
  • Perform research to find Category/Keyword (1 hour)
  • Create data file(s) for submission to CDPs & Directories (~8 hours)
  • Verify PIN for places page (1 hour)
  • Make & submit changes; refresh content (12 hours/month)

Carrying out all the above tasks requires you to spend 32 hours per month. Nerd Force can do all the work for you in only 1 hour, save you valuable time and bring you better qualified leads that turn into new customers.

Why Nerd Force?

With search engines (Google, Yahoo!, MSN Bing) frequently changing algorithms to ensure that when people search online they get the relevant information, it’s important to have a reliable service provider who is aware of these changes and is able to adopt them when they take affect. Nerd Force, as a technology solutions management company, is always staying abreast of all the changes to make sure your business get the listing placement it deserves.

"We will focus on generating business for you so you can focus on your core competency; providing best product/service to your customers."

Below are some of the reasons why you should choose Nerd Force as your Local SEO provider:

  • Nerd Force is an international company with active operation in U.S, Canada, UK, and Austria
  • Nerd Force is currently providing Local SEO to customers in U.S and Canada
  • Nerd Force has what it takes to provide the best support
  • Nerd Force seeks to become the leader of online marketing

It’s simple; we can get your business found online. It’s vital for your business to be found in the maps (on Mobile and GPS devices) and organic search results if you are a local business. It’s now the most common way that consumers find local businesses and has far surpassed old media like print yellow pages. More than one-third of customers use online search engines to find local business for purchasing something offline, which implies the importance of local search optimization—Local SEO.

Now, if you want to:

  • become visible in search results for Google, Yahoo! and Bing
  • be listed in major directories such as such as AT&T, Superpages, AOL, Merchantcircle, and YELP
  • show up on map searches of local businesses
  • appear in business listing on mobile and GPS devices
  • get a Geo-Targeted Landing Page that represents your business

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